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Runge-Kutt Method v.3.00 beta2

The Delphi and Lazarus unit of solving ordinary dif. equations and their systems. With examples. Version (beta, testing) of sep. 2011. 


Download (384 kb)


SysInfo v.4.00 beta3

The units for Delphi & Lazarus of access to system information. Uses Win32 API. Includes examples. Tested in Lazarus 0.9.31 and Turbo Delphi 2006.


Download (456 kb)


TOptEls v.2.00

Visual component . It's needed for drawing of optical elements (lenses and mirrors). It can be used, for example, in the programs on laser and Optics subjects. Version of august 2008 with two releases (Delphi / Lazarus).


Download (38 kb)

Download Show of TOptEls in Work (225 kb)


TShapeEx v.1.00

VCL Delphi component for drawing of shapes by user points. It extends the standard Shape component.


Download (15 kb)


TAPIText v.1.05

VCL Delphi Component for Labels Creating by API. The component extends the standard component �TLabel'. The component is intended for creating of labels by API. It can, for example, create vertical text and shadow of text.


Download (123 kb)



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